Рak Marines


The Рак Marines have been entrusted with variety of tasks, which include security of VAs/VPs, reconnaissance/surveillance, aid to civil power, disaster relief and water borne operations etc. The diversified and wide spectrum of these tasks affords sufficient experience to the Marines to participate and perform their assigned tasks in any UN Peacekeeping Mission. To maintain and develop the operational readiness for accomplishment of these tasks, regular training and work up to personnel also forms one of the major undertakings of Рак Marines.

History of Pak marines

The first ever Marines Battalion of Pakistan Navy was established in September 1971 to undertake reverie operations in the eastern wing of Pakistan. The force continued to exist in its rudimentary form till 1988 to meet fundamental security requirements of Pakistan Navy units. The gradual expansion of Pakistan Navy necessitated proportional increase in the manpower to fulfill the requirements of the Service. The existing Рак Marines setup comprising of Marines Battalion and Amphibious Wing was, therefore, reactivated in 1990 and later on another Battalion named as Creeks Battalion was raised in 1998 to defend the Creeks area located in Southeastern sector of Pakistan. Upon reactivation. PNS QASIM was commissioned as Headquarters Рак Marines to train, deploy and logistically support these elements.


The present organization of Рак Marines setup is as under:

Components of Рak marines

Like any other organization Marines affairs are also managed by various components which are briefly mentioned in ensuring paragraphs.

  • PNS QASIM. Stationed at the rock top of Manora Island, the unit acts as the Headquarters for Рак Marines catering for their administrative, operational and logistic requirements.
  • Marines Battalion. The Battalion was established with the inception of Marine force and is responsible for security of VAs/VPs, Aid to Civil Power, Search and Seizure of Crafts, Boarding Operations, Limited Search and Rescue Missions etc.
  • Creeks Battalion. The Creeks Battalion is mainly responsible to check infiltration/exfiltration of illegal immigrants, smugglers (narcotics/arms), terrorists and anti state elements etc; through the creeks, located in proximity of Indus Delta. In addition, this Battalion is responsible for defending the area against any aggression while concurrently protecting the economic interest of the country lying within the area of responsibility.
  • Amphibious Wing. The Amphibious Wing is in the development stage and is expected to take some time to fully operationalize and effectively perform the amphibious related assignments. Acquisition and procurement of requisite equipment is under process and training of personnel will be undertaken on finalization of planning phase.
  • Marines Training School. Marines Training School has always remained alive to the training needs and endeavours to impart both theoretical and realistic tasks oriented practical training to Marines. All professional courses are conducted for Marines with an aim to contribute towards their professional excellence and enhanced physical endurance. Character building forms an integral part of all course curricula.

The Рак Marines are in their infancy, but confident and professionally competent to discharge their duties when called upon. The recent interaction of this force with US Marines has opened a view vista of knowledge and experience for them. Continuation of the same would not only add to the professional acumen but also the existing friendly ties between the two countries.

2002 year